After-thoughts on “Notes to Self”

One of my pastimes is to check out books in stores. Most times I add the names of the books, I like, in my “want to read” Goodreads list. This time I happened to find a book, some of its reviews were so encouragingly positive, I could not help buying the book.

Notes to self is a 170 pages collection of essays, which felt like conversing with the author. Occasionally, I would stop and think about my similar experiences and talk about them with my roommate. The writing is brilliant and very raw.

Before the new year starts, I wanted to spend the last few days retrospecting on my career, health, relationships, body, future and the present. I felt this was a good read which gave me a close look at someone else’s life which further gave me a perspective to re-align my priorities.

This book covered a little bit of the most important emotions for a woman: devotion towards your family, complications of childbirth, the lifelong transitions in a female body and the associated stigma, fear, and helplessness; feminism and sexism; even mental health and overworking.

For all my friends out there, male or female, I highly recommend reading the essays titled: “Notes on Bleeding & Other crimes” and “From the Baby years”.

When I was reading the first recommended essay, I couldn’t disagree with any of the things the author says.
I would love my male friends to read and get a glimpse of how agonizing the female body gets sometimes. Honestly, I don’t want to rant, I am more than thankful for my health, but I have had my bad days and I have seen some of my very close females go through such days. We talk it out in the familiar feminine comfort but we don’t talk it out loud. I am grateful that the author has done a commendable job in this talking out and all I have to do is share this, instead of finding the right words or forum to share this.

I hope if you read it and it makes a little difference to your life.

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